Why Savvy Apps?

Why Savvy Apps?

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Feeling lost?

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We've spoken at Google and SXSW, been on Bloomberg Television, met with members of Congress, led sessions at industry insider conferences like 360iDev, helped our customers raise millions of investment dollars, wrote an O'Reilly book that reached #1 on Amazon.com, and seen fifteen apps featured on the app stores, including an Editor's Choice from Apple. So there’s that.

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In Good Company

  • "We have worked with a few other mobile development companies in the past, but after working with Savvy Apps, we won’t look anywhere else."

    Gustavo Tandeciarz Assistant Director at NFL Player's Association
  • "We have the best development team in the game with Savvy Apps. Hands down. They take our ideas and make them better. They are wonderful to work with."

    John Reardon CEO of musx
  • "The app is gorgeous and rock-solid technically. Everyone on their team is an expert. I highly recommend Savvy to anyone looking for top-tier app design and development."

    Jim Jarrett Senior Manager at Good Technology

Ready To Do Awesome

Passion, Details, Results

Savvy has been shipping industry-leading apps since 2009, making us a grandpa in app years. We’re passionate, particular, and proven... it shows in our work.

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Apple’s Not Doomed When it Comes to AI

This year's Google I/O was all about AI and it’s computing power. Google showcased its 17-year focus in organizing the world’s information via the Google Assistant—previously Google Now—in products like Google Home and Allo. Its machine-learning demos were impressive and its custom chip focused on machine learning in AI servers probably didn’t generate the wow factor it deserved.

SAAnimationView: A Framework to Programmatically Create iOS Animations

Last year we started working on a framework that was initially inspired by an animation in a podcasting app we crafted for The Cato Institute called CatoAudio. Our work with CatoAudio helped us realize that we wanted an animation framework that would allow us to create a simple, smooth animation that could easily be paused, resumed, and reversed. So far we've used this framework we call SAAnimationView on a number of projects. We decided to release it outside of Savvy Apps so other developers can take advantage of the way it makes it easy to create and iterate on animations.

Tips for Creating Your Own Interactive iOS Animations

Animations in iOS offer functional context to users and provide developers with a simple way to bring designs to life. While Apple provides two common methods for animations, `UIView.animateWithDuration:animations:` and CAAnimations, they either sacrifice flexibility or create a lot of boilerplate code. That’s why at Savvy Apps we advocate learning the components and concepts of animations. This approach allows developers the freedom to find new ways to do animations. In this post, we define the components of an animation, as well as provide tips for creating and experimenting with interactive animations.

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