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Serving global brands and cutting-edge companies, savvy apps is a full-service mobile development company that's driven by making life better, one app at a time.

What we do is not a job. We don't just work on projects. We inspire emotion, achieve the impossible, keep customers thrilled, and make dreams reality. This is our life's work, our legacy, and our passion.

Whether you are an innovative startup with an idea to disrupt a market, a demanding brand wanting to update your consumer application, or a large corporation needing help with enterprise app development, we're ready to help. We invite you to learn more about our award-winning mobile apps and top-ranked mobile development services.

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The app is gorgeous and rock-solid technically. Everyone on their team is an expert. I highly recommend Savvy to anyone looking for top-tier app design and development.

— Jim Jarrett, Good Technology

We have worked with a few other mobile development companies in the past, but after working with savvy apps, we won’t look anywhere else.

— Gustavo Tandeciarz, NFL Player’s Association

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Our Proven Process

As a mobile development company, we are exclusively focused on designing and developing compelling mobile applications. From smartphones & tablets to cars, connected homes, & wearables like the Apple Watch, we have mobile design & development experience across mediums and industries. We know how to do fact, we even wrote an #1 bestselling book on it.


User experience is about ensuring an application is laid out intuitively, accounting for device ergonomics, human interface guidelines, and gestures. Put simply, user experience separates interactions and workflow from aesthetics and visuals.

We start our process with low-fidelity wireframes. They purposefully look like sketches, to keep the focus on the functionality of the application instead of the visuals and design. All screens of the interface are annotated and delivered in a formal document for approval. These wireframes go on to serve as the overall blueprint for the application.

Mobile application design must account for various display sizes, orientations, and resolutions. Another often overlooked element of mobile design is branding. Most mobile applications have counterparts on the web or elsewhere. It’s important to keep visual parity and consistency across these mediums, while still respecting mobile patterns and paradigms.

The visual design begins with background research and reviewing any existing brand standards. To establish the overall design language for the app specifically, we create style boards. Once the wireframes and style boards are approved, we marry these together to create the interface design.

Native mobile development is more like desktop than web programming, requiring knowledge of operating system-specific features, memory management, and hardware capabilities. Additionally, it requires extensive on-device testing and more rapid release cycles to account for the various device and OS combinations.

Once the technical architecture is completed and the development spikes have exposed the key challenges, all development tasks are mapped out for the entirety of the application. We then work off of weekly iterations to ensure progress is easily measured, as well as encourage accountability. Rinse and repeat until the app is ready for submission to the app stores.

Many apps have a server component to them and are only as good as those corresponding backends. If a back-end server is down or slow, an app effectively is too. Additionally, it’s critical for backends to quickly scale with a rapidly growing user base.

To solve these problems, at savvy apps we full embrace Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS) and other cloud-based solutions. While we do work on custom solutions, most apps can benefit from the speed of development offered by BaaS and other cloud platforms ranging from Parse to Amazon Web Services.

Many companies invest months into designing and developing an application, only to have no marketing plan to launch it. Marketing is not putting it on an app store and posting to Facebook that it’s available.

What many don’t realize is that successful app store marketing starts with building an app. By following our “marketing crescendo,” almost any app can launch with both press and customers excited to download and promote it. It also doesn’t hurt that we have nearly fifteen featured applications and direct contacts at Apple, Google, & Microsoft.

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