From Idea To App Store

From Idea To App Store

Where to start when building an app.

Creating an app can be a confusing process. Let us show you how we take your idea from concept to reality.

What Does An App Cost?

What Does An App Cost?

Understanding the costs to build an app.

The path to making an app is paved with uncertainty. Money is no exception. We'll provide clarity on everyone’s favorite topic.

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We've spoken at Google and SXSW, been on Bloomberg Television, met with members of Congress, led sessions at industry insider conferences like 360iDev, helped our customers raise millions of investment dollars, wrote an O'Reilly book that reached #1 on, and seen fifteen apps featured on the app stores, including an Editor's Choice from Apple. So there’s that.

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In Good Company

  • "We have worked with a few other mobile development companies in the past, but after working with Savvy Apps, we won’t look anywhere else."

    Gustavo Tandeciarz Assistant Director at NFL Player's Association
  • "We have the best development team in the game with Savvy Apps. Hands down. They take our ideas and make them better. They are wonderful to work with."

    John Reardon CEO of musx
  • "The app is gorgeous and rock-solid technically. Everyone on their team is an expert. I highly recommend Savvy to anyone looking for top-tier app design and development."

    Jim Jarrett Senior Manager at Good Technology

Ready To Do Awesome

Passion, Experience, Results

Savvy has been shipping industry-leading apps since 2009, making us a grandpa in app years. We’re tenacious, opinionated, particular, and obsessive about everything in life... it shows in our work.

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Why Your App Needs a Landing Page

Marketing your app starts long before you try to launch it. From pre-launch marketing activities to the app's arrival in app stores, successful app marketing is about continuing to build excitement. At the center of that marketing is your landing page or app-focused website. This site will evolve based on where your app is in its development lifecycle. For those of you debating whether your app needs a landing page, we've put together why a landing page is integral to building your app's following before launch, and how each stage of a landing page's evolution helps position your app for success.

Xcode Tips for the Savvy iOS Developer

For those of us developers working on platforms like iOS, Xcode permeates our day-to-day duties. If we're not coding or debugging in Xcode, we're usually still using it to run a test app on one of our devices. Xcode isn't all about coding. In the three years I've used Xcode, I've tackled a surprising variety of activities, from viewing source control diffs to measuring how well an app is performing. After spending countless hours in the tool and reading up on tutorials from other iOS developers in the community, I decided to pay it forward with my own list of my favorite Xcode hacks I use on a daily basis. I also polled the rest of Savvy's developer team to make this list as comprehensive as possible to save you time, up your accuracy, and make you a more proficient and productive developer.

Using Zeplin for Better App Design Specs

App design specifications ensures an app designer's interface design and vision translates properly from the design to the development process. Yet design speccing is as tedious and time intensive as it is critical. It's prone to error, so we've tried a number of tools meant to simplify and speed up the speccing process. Many of those tools, however, fall short of making the speccing process easier and more accurate.

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