From Idea To App Store

From Idea To App Store

Where to start when building an app.

Creating an app can be a confusing process. Let us show you how we take your idea from concept to reality.

What Does An App Cost?

What Does An App Cost?

Understanding the costs to build an app.

The path to making an app is paved with uncertainty. Money is no exception. We'll provide clarity on everyone’s favorite topic.

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We've spoken at Google and SXSW, been on Bloomberg Television, met with members of Congress, led sessions at industry insider conferences like 360iDev, helped our customers raise millions of investment dollars, wrote an O'Reilly book that reached #1 on, and seen fifteen apps featured on the app stores, including an Editor's Choice from Apple. So there’s that.

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In Good Company

  • "We have worked with a few other mobile development companies in the past, but after working with Savvy Apps, we won’t look anywhere else."

    Gustavo Tandeciarz Assistant Director at NFL Player's Association
  • "We have the best development team in the game with Savvy Apps. Hands down. They take our ideas and make them better. They are wonderful to work with."

    John Reardon CEO of musx
  • "The app is gorgeous and rock-solid technically. Everyone on their team is an expert. I highly recommend Savvy to anyone looking for top-tier app design and development."

    Jim Jarrett Senior Manager at Good Technology

Ready To Do Awesome

Passion, Experience, Results

Savvy has been shipping industry-leading apps since 2009, making us a grandpa in app years. We’re tenacious, opinionated, particular, and obsessive about everything in life... it shows in our work.

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Tips for Creating Your Own Interactive iOS Animations

Animations in iOS offer functional context to users and provide developers with a simple way to bring designs to life. While Apple provides two common methods for animations, `UIView.animateWithDuration:animations:` and CAAnimations, they either sacrifice flexibility or create a lot of boilerplate code. That’s why at Savvy Apps we advocate learning the components and concepts of animations. This approach allows developers the freedom to find new ways to do animations. In this post, we define the components of an animation, as well as provide tips for creating and experimenting with interactive animations.

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Objective-C or Swift for Your Project

Deciding whether to use Objective-C or Swift for a project isn't always a clear-cut decision; there are a number of factors to take into account every time you start a new project. We decided to tackle this topic because it's one of the most common questions we hear from developers. Selecting the most appropriate language depends on project and team context, as well as preference and often, allegiance to a particular programming language.

Using TestFlight to Distribute Multiple Versions of an iOS App

Development doesn't stop once a v1.0 app is live. Your newly launched app will need to have regular app updates to thrive. Whether it’s a new feature or a bug fix, it will be important to continue to develop and test these updates prior to shipping them to app stores. This can be challenging, however, as you need to develop these updates and distribute them to testers without interrupting the experience of users who are interacting with the live app.

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