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App Savvy

Turning Ideas into iPad and iPhone Apps Customers Really Want

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An O'Reilly Book by Ken Yarmosh

Thanks for learning more about my book App Savvy. I wrote it to be a field manual for those wanting to successfully launch iPad and iPhone apps into the App Store. The book details a proven strategy for taking an idea and turning it into an App Store sale. Aside from sharing my own process, there are two or three interviews in every chapter with practical insight from some of the most successful App Store publishers.

App Savvy in 30 Seconds

What Others Are Saying

Whether you plan to build an app yourself or hire someone to build one for you, this book will make you smarter about the things that matter.

— John Jantsch, Author of Duct Tape Marketing and The Referral Engine

Focus on making apps that people enjoy using and want to tell their friends and colleagues about. Having customers evangelize your app is far more important than a short-term purchase spike.

— Justin Williams, Founder of Second Gear Software

What really impressed me is the attention to the smallest details Ken put in describing often underrated stages like "idea evaluation" or the importance of hiring the right team.

— Federico Viticci, Editor of MacStories

Ken has outlined a comprehensive and well-grounded soup-to-nuts strategy for any company looking to create value via mobile apps; he makes for a great sherpa navigating this terrain.

— Navin Ganeshan, Chief Product Strategist at Network Solutions

Table of Contents

Online Materials

Those that purchase the book also receive access to a number of complementary online materials I developed. If you haven't purchased it yet, go buy a copy of App Savvy now! You'll then be directed to special URL on my website from various sections of the book.

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