Thank you for supporting Agenda

Agenda was our calendar app for people that love calendars.


With all the superb calendar apps available today, we are no longer supporting Agenda. We've left some of the great reviews the app had below. We do appreciate all the support from our customers, friends, and the Apple community.


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"If you're looking for a calendar app that shows you a wealth of information in a single view without tons of colorful bars and blocks all over the screen, Agenda Calendar is for you."

-Alan Henry

"I like how Agenda can give me a complete overview of a day’s events and reminders, and I appreciate the focus on inter-app communication with support for Chrome and Drafts"

-Federico Viticci

"Agenda Calendar 4: One of the best alternative calendar apps just got better."

-Allyson Kazmucha

"I like the app a lot and have to recommend it. It's fast, looks great and the external app support is super."

-Dave Caolo
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