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Why Industry Expertise and Digital Agencies Are Ruining Your App

We often address questions that focus on our experience in certain industries or with specific kinds of organizations. Although we have worked with companies large and small, commercial and non-profit, technology-driven and technology-challenged, we regularly emphasize that focusing on industry knowledge is not a good lens for selecting a partner.

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Beyond Constraints: Crafting Advanced iOS Animations with Auto Layout

How we think about design at Savvy Apps encouraged us to develop a new animation technique that mixes old-school view animations with Auto Layout. Our technique bypasses the restrictions placed on developers when they try to animate using Auto Layout. Most Auto Layout animation guides say basically the same thing: update constraints and animate. For more advanced animations though, just updating the constraints would be nearly impossible.

By relying only on constraints, you're restricting yourself on the types of animations you can achieve in your app. This article dives into how to get around the limitations of constraints. By using Auto Layout in new ways, we will show how to create more advanced animations.

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How to Know When Your App Needs a Major Update

Many app updates focus on bug fixes, polish, tweaks, or maybe adding a smaller feature. Less frequently, a major update comes along, like an app moving from 1.0 to 2.0 or 7.0 to 8.0. For example, Instagram and Uber both saw major app updates in the past year that fundamentally altered their app experiences.

Major app updates may include a brand new user experience, new visual design, or a handful of new features. There are a number of ways to recognize if your app is due for a major update. Your app doesn't need to meet all of the following criteria to require an update. Even just one consideration may justify spending the time and effort involved. Let's take a look.

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How a Robust Discovery Process Leads to Better App UX and Design

Many customers come to us at Savvy Apps with a set of unknowns and an unclear path to obtaining their goals. Through the years, we've honed our discovery process to solve this problem. We start by casting a wide net, gathering as much information as possible, and then whittle things down into actionable takeaways. In this article, we've outlined why this process, which we like to call a “discovery kickstart,” is critical for your app. We run through the three stages of this process and how each stage is structured to set your app up for success.

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28 Metrics That Matter for Your App

You spent the time and money building your app, now you need to start assessing how it's doing. We break out 28 of the most useful metrics into the following categories: user engagement, customer satisfaction, acquisition, and app performance. These metrics are critical to scaling and measuring the success of your app. With each we've added actionable tips to improve on these metrics so you can leave this post with ideas for how to turn an under-performing metric around. Without further ado, here's how you can make app data work for you.

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