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Agenda Calendar Featured in Apple's October 2014 Keynote

Ken Yarmosh

Last updated Jul 23, 2019

For anyone in the tech space, Apple events are like Christmas morning. Last week's event was even more special than usual for us because Apple had one of our app icons up on the "big board" during a discussion about Extensions in iOS 8. This was unexpected but anyone in our industry always checks for their icons when Apple highlights third-party apps. Much to our surprise, the Agenda iconwas right there next to senior Apple VP Craig Federighi.

Agenda 4 Icon at Apple Event

See 13:00 for Craig's discussion about apps updated for iOS 8's new Extension framework.

This particular highlight came because we updated Agenda with a widget close to the iOS 8 launch date. It's one of the reasons we always encourage our customers to add the latest and greatest enhancements to their apps, as close to launch as possible.

Written By:

Ken Yarmosh

Ken Yarmosh is the Founder & CEO of Savvy Apps. He's the creator of more than 20 featured apps, including an Editor's Choice selection and Starbucks Pick of the Week. An O'Reilly author, Ken regularly speaks about application design & development, as well as the future of technology at outlets ranging from Bloomberg TV to Google.