The Importance of Branding for Apps

Savvy Editor

Last updated May 12, 2020

In this episode, our founder speaks with Savvy's Creative Director Rob Soulé about the importance of branding for apps. Learn the role branding plays in successful app-focused businesses as well as for organizations with an existing, established brand.

Show Notes

  • 0:23 — This episode's topic: How to approach branding for app-focused companies.
  • 3:55 — Today's design specialties and app-focused tools have made us lose sight of some of the fundamentals of design.
  • 7:57 — Think of branding as an anvil on which you pound out all of your decisions.
  • 9:38 — What is the difference between design and branding?
  • 15:27 — How Airbnb's brand strengthens customer confidence.
  • 19:22 — Disney's attention to detail reinforces the company's core value of providing a superior, magical experience.
  • 21:35 — A customer's experience with your brand starts outside of the app.
  • 25:30 — Creating your brand begins with understanding your users and your goals.
  • 28:07 — How to create or improve your brand when you don't have the related skills or experience.
  • 34:03 — Tips for extending an existing, established brand into a new app.
  • 38:20 — How far can you push an existing brand for a new product or service?
  • 40:47 — When should you consider redefining your company's brand?

Key Takeaways

  1. Your brand is your company's core values. Visual design is the practical application of those values.
  2. Ask critical questions and use empathy to define your company's brand. Then reach out to design experts to refine your brand and execute on it.
  3. Continuously measure your brand's quality and performance. Brands should also evolve with changing visual design trends and customer expectations.

<br/>We'd like to thank Rob for sharing his thoughts with us. You can connect with him through Twitter @rsoule. Another big thank you goes to Jaz Garewal for editing and mixing this episode. Check back soon for the second episode of The Savvy Apps Podcast.

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