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iOS 8 Tips from Dan Frakes

Ken Yarmosh

Last updated Jul 23, 2019

Dan Frakes, now of The Wirecutter, put out a great set of iOS 8 tips and tricks. Here are a few of my favorites... head over to his site to check them all out and get more context on these:

Minimize in-progress email Just swipe the in-progress message’s title bar down to the bottom of the screen, and there it stays until you tap it again.

Even dimmer screen dimming Even better, you can reduce brightness much more than with the standard brightness-level slider (the one accessed via Control Center and the Settings app).

Show desktop version of site In iOS 8 Safari, when you get stuck with the mobile version of a website, tap the URL field and then swipe down on the webpage, and a couple new hidden options are revealed: Add To Favorites and Request Desktop Site.

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Ken Yarmosh

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