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iOS OCD App Icon Template: Updated for iOS 8

Courtney Starr

Last updated Jul 23, 2019

The iOS OCD app icon template has been updated for iOS 8. See below for a full list of changes.

Note: This template is no longer supported. We now have an iOS app icon template for Sketch.



  • Updated for Photoshop CC 2014
  • Dropped support for non-Retina iPhone
  • Added support for iPhone 6 Plus
  • Updated Photoshop actions for iPhone 6 Plus
  • Added research images for iPhone 6 Plus


We encourage you to read the...readme file, but incase you don't, we wanted to ensure you understand why the [email protected] and [email protected] are the same smart object while other app icons remain independent. Xcode requires both of these app icons even though they are the same size, so we used the same smart object with different names to satisfy Xcode's need for both assets.

Written By:

Courtney Starr

Courtney served as a mobile interface designer at Savvy Apps until November 2014.