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What to Consider When Converting a Web Experience to a Native App

Even today there are businesses and organizations that only have a web app or web experience. They’ve yet to create a native app that can be distributed in Apple’s App Store or Google Play though they realize the potential to reach new people or provide additional value to existing users. Savvy Apps regularly works with companies looking to add an app to complement their web experience. We've compiled this list of the most important considerations to address when moving from a web experience to a native app.

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7 Questions Startups Need to Answer Before Building an App

In the seven years Savvy Apps has been crafting award-winning apps, we’ve worked extensively with startups and early-stage ventures. Whether it was an entrepreneur who bootstrapped or a venture that raised a Series A investment, these kinds of customers typically have the same questions. We’ve taken the time to answer many of those questions, including how much an app costs, how long it takes to build an app, and being aware of the common reasons startups fail. Learn key insights into app creation as well as mistakes to avoid with this definitive guide to the top considerations for startups looking to build an app.

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How to Start Android Development with an iOS Background

If all you've ever done in the past is iOS development, looking to build an app on Android might make you feel like you're entering the Wild West. Things seem more fragmented, more dangerous, more complex, more green. In 2016 though, Android isn't necessarily more difficult than iOS. The majority of your domain knowledge and expertise of building mobile apps on one platform can be applied to the other with ease. You may even find yourself enjoying some of Android's development components more than iOS. Here's a Savvy Apps guide to the top considerations for developers making the move from iOS to Android, including a list of how the main iOS components are laid out in Android.

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How to Create Better User Permission Requests in iOS Apps

A quick way to ruin a user's experience is to mishandle the way your app requests permissions. These permissions, like access to location, the camera and camera roll, push notifications, and calendar are often needed for an app's core functionality. Without the approval and access to these system services, the app won't work as it's meant to, making it less valuable to users. That will also cause confusion for users, and runs the risk of losing them entirely.

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What Great App Design Looks Like

Design thinking has come of age. People are now more aware of look and feel than ever. Great design is becoming an expectation, and those who provide that in their products and services have a competitive advantage. The same is true with apps specifically. Today's designers focus on more than just aesthetics and function. They are now considering the emotions people feel when interacting with their product, and how those emotions drive them to take one action over another. The value we see in design is now placed on tackling more complex problems, like the promise of a certain feeling rather than only utility.

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10 Inspiring App Experiences

A polished app experience is one of the elements that make a great app. These app experiences include depth, simplicity, intuitive rhythm, progression, and delight. As people who not only build but use apps, we sometimes come across work and concepts that inspire us or influence our thinking. By looking at high quality work, we all can be inspired to do high or higher quality work. More generally, there's something to be said about seeing how others in our industry overcome challenges. Whether it’s an app we've downloaded and use ourselves or a concept we’ve seen on Dribbble, here are some of the app experiences we have recently encountered that we consider inspirational.

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