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16 Kotlin Tips for Android Development

Savvy Apps started using Kotlin for its new Android projects late in 2016, right around when Kotlin 1.0.4 was released. Initially, we saw an opportunity to try out Kotlin on a smaller scale project. Once we tried it out and saw the ease of use, being able to easily separate functionality from business logic using extensions, and generally, the hours of development time it saved for us, we decided it would be the language of choice moving forward. Since then, we've used Kotlin to create multiple Android apps and have also developed a number of internal Kotlin libraries. 

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Savvy Sketch iOS Wireframe Kit: Touch ID, Apple Pay, and iOS 10 Styling

Designing for apps is a fluid process. As time passes, system updates and new design conventions mean we have to master new techniques to ensure our apps remain in the forefront of the industry. As we evolve, so do our resources. Since releasing the Savvy Sketch iOS Wireframe Kit in June 2016, we've noticed a few opportunities to update the kit to meet designer expectations. These changes also come from our experiences using the wireframe kit on new projects.

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Flawless App Releases: 39 Tips to Improve Product Management for Apps

Product management is a discipline that continues to be hard to describe and define. There are particular approaches for doing product management "the right way," which was part of my motivation for writing App Savvy. At the same time, a portion of this role simply comes from experience. That may even be truer for app product management, which as of this writing is still less than a decade old.

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Why Industry Expertise and Digital Agencies Are Ruining Your App

We often address questions that focus on our experience in certain industries or with specific kinds of organizations. Although we have worked with companies large and small, commercial and non-profit, technology-driven and technology-challenged, we regularly emphasize that focusing on industry knowledge is not a good lens for selecting a partner.

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Beyond Constraints: Crafting Advanced iOS Animations with Auto Layout

How we think about design at Savvy Apps encouraged us to develop a new animation technique that mixes old-school view animations with Auto Layout. Our technique bypasses the restrictions placed on developers when they try to animate using Auto Layout. Most Auto Layout animation guides say basically the same thing: update constraints and animate. For more advanced animations though, just updating the constraints would be nearly impossible.

By relying only on constraints, you're restricting yourself on the types of animations you can achieve in your app. This article dives into how to get around the limitations of constraints. By using Auto Layout in new ways, we will show how to create more advanced animations.

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