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10 Signs You Should Fire Your App Developer

You've gone through the process of finding an app developer. Maybe the relationship even started out well. Somewhere along the way though, communication has broken down, progress has come to a standstill, or perhaps the situation has become combative. Your interaction with an app developer or app agency shouldn't be any different though than working with any third-party contractor, vendor, or retailer. You should be kept in the loop, treated fairly, and all the work should be completed on time and with quality. But because most people have less experience with building an app than say doing a home renovation, their expectations change. 

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10 Ways to Increase User Engagement for Your App

Creating an engaging app takes much more than just an interesting idea. Gimmicks and “flavors of the month” ultimately will not break through the noise of the app stores. What's needed instead are the proven strategies that help drive better engagement for your app. These aren't tricks and some of them require significant thought and effort. They will work though if you put in the time. With that, here are 10 tactics that we regularly help our customers with at Savvy Apps to improve their app engagement numbers.

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The Savvy App Store Submission Checklist

We've been pushing new and updated apps to app stores for seven years now. Over time, Savvy Apps continues to evolve our approach to ensure every app is released as flawlessly as possible. Still, apps have gotten much more complex over time with many more items to check. Whether it's something more basic like testing an app without network connections or a more advanced concern like avoiding a TestFlight rejection due to a missing privacy policy link, there's much to go over and remember each time. 

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The Savvy Sketch iOS Wireframe Kit

Late last year, we decided to standardize on Sketch as our tool of choice for creating low-fidelity wireframes. Previously we were fans of Balsamiq, mostly because it had a number of pre-built app elements that could be dragged and dropped into a mockup. While we enjoyed the polish and precision of Sketch, not having a similar feature required us to spend valuable time on creating and recreating the same elements in our wireframes.

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Apple’s Not Doomed When it Comes to AI

This year's Google I/O was all about AI and it’s computing power. Google showcased its 17-year focus in organizing the world’s information via the Google Assistant—previously Google Now—in products like Google Home and Allo. Its machine-learning demos were impressive and its custom chip focused on machine learning in AI servers probably didn’t generate the wow factor it deserved.

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SAAnimationView: A Framework to Programmatically Create iOS Animations

Last year we started working on a framework that was initially inspired by an animation in a podcasting app we crafted for The Cato Institute called CatoAudio. Our work with CatoAudio helped us realize that we wanted an animation framework that would allow us to create a simple, smooth animation that could easily be paused, resumed, and reversed. So far we've used this framework we call SAAnimationView on a number of projects. We decided to release it outside of Savvy Apps so other developers can take advantage of the way it makes it easy to create and iterate on animations.

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