We're proud to announce our latest and greatest app, Pic It! Thought up by POWer Apps and brought to life by the savvy apps team. Pic It! is a social photo sharing game that ties in the successes of Draw Something and Snapchat. Pic It! uses Parse on the backend and leverages Facebook integration to connect friends and family in a visual competition of wits and riddles.

Our team juggled a range of ideas, narrowing the focus of the app and perfecting every last feature. There's even small polishes like lead developer Emilio Peláez's favorite keyboard animation found in the game creation screen. We also employed friends and family to test the app, with product manager Steve Loges enlisting his niece as a small part of savvy's expansive user experience and gameplay testing process. He was pleased to see her quickly pick up the controls and respond with her own tricky pic challenges.

Learn more about PicIt! withthis initial review on Apple World Today, a new site by the former editors/writers of TUAW.

Check out Pic It! in the Apple Store and follow it on Facebook and Twitter.

February 24, 2015
Written By:

Whitney Rhodes

Whitney Rhodes served as an editor for the Savvy blog. She helped share Savvy's extensive knowledge with all who seek to build better apps.