Savvy Apps Moves into Class A Office Building Next to Silver Line

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Last updated Jul 23, 2019

Savvy Apps is excited to announce our relocation to a larger, completely custom-designed office space directly next to the new Silver Line in Reston. The move, along with our recently unveiled re-branding and new website, symbolizes a heavy investment back into a company that’s continued to thrive and elevate its standards since its inception.

How far we’ve come. Savvy started at a small desk in 2009 but is now a tenant of a custom-designed, Class A office space next to the popular Wiehle-Reston East Metro station.

When Savvy Apps started, our CEO Ken Yarmosh worked out of his home at a small desk. The Savvy team grew from that desk to being the main tenant of a larger co-working space, then transitioned to a six-month stint in the company’s first office. In 2012, the Savvy Apps team moved into our former office right across from Reston Town Center where we made it our own for three years. Now, we’ve signed a five-year lease in a new Class A office building, with a space five times the size of our former office.

The new office is a sight to see. Nestled in green and walkable space in a highly sought-after area, the office appeals to those looking for a reverse commute in the busy, affluent city suburbs. Anyone can walk out of the office and get straight on the Metro, bringing the city close to work. Soon we’ll be only a short skybridge stroll way from a new, hip, fast casual market which hopes to function in a similar fashion to the Ferry Building in San Francisco or Chelsea Market in New York.

A glimpse of the new Savvy conference room and lobby.

The design of the new office doesn’t disappoint. A quarter of a million dollar buildout gives the office an Apple Store-like feel with a high-end modern design style, high ceilings, window sightlines, and an open environment floorpan. Visitors can walk in through the front door and see all the way to the conference room in the back of the office. The open space encourages our team to move from area to area, collaborate, and think creatively no matter where they find themselves in the office. While an open space plan, our layout also ensures that team members have personal space for themselves, minimizing or eliminating distractions typically found in similar open office environments.

Each desk is equipped with Thunderbolt displays, docking stations, and all the tools needed to envision and create award-winning applications. The new office boasts ample whiteboard walls throughout the space to help the ideation process, a large conference area, multiple huddle rooms, a lounge, and a phone booth room for personal calls. A new kitchen also offers a great place to house Savvy’s growing coffee gear such as its Chemex Ottomatic and various stocked assorted beverages and snacks.

The new office is another sign of the great things happening at Savvy Apps in 2015. Each year we select a theme and the focus selected at the end of 2014 was “Elevate.” So far we’ve delivered on our theme ranging with recent launches of high-quality apps like CatoAudio for The Cato Institute, our new industry-leading blog (see posts like How Much Does an App Cost?, How to Ensure Your App Will Be a Huge Failure, and 10 Ways to Raise Money for Your Mobile App Startup), features on the app stores, a number of our customers successfully raising new venture capital, this move, and our new website and branding. All of these efforts are about showing our commitment to our existing and future customers that we are continuing to invest into our company to elevate their apps to new standards of excellence. Drop by and see how Savvy has evolved at 1850 Centennial Park Dr. Suite 100 in Reston, Virginia. We’re excited to greet you.

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