Simplifying In-App Subscriptions: David Barnard from RevenueCat

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Last updated Jul 14, 2020

In-app subscriptions are the lifeblood of most modern apps, supporting the development of large-scale products and businesses. But the implementation of these purchases are often complex, time-consuming, resource-intensive, and mired by bugs and lack of support.

Ken sits down with entrepreneur and Developer Advocate David Barnard to discuss how RevenueCat is helping to simplify the world of native app subscriptions like those for popular self-care apps Calm and Headspace. By handing off complex implementations to a partner like RevenueCat, app brands can free up their resources to build unforgettable user experiences through a regular flow of stunning new features and compelling content. RevenueCat provides the near-real-time receipt verification and validation, analytics, and transaction data businesses need to succeed and grow. David and Ken also touch on their preferences during cold brew season. ☕️ Listen above!


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