Smartphones Multiply Germs

Richard Yarmosh

Last updated Jul 23, 2019

New research is abundantly clear that our best friend is dirty. That one device we take everywhere with us, our smartphone, “ always warm, stored in dark places, so bacterias are growing on your phone," said Dan Barnes, co-founder of Phonesoap. Research is indicating that mobile phones are 18 times dirtier than public bathrooms.

Companies were in force at this year's CES showing off the best in sanitation methods. For example, Phonesoap usesultraviolet radiation to kill off bacteria DNA. CleanBeats uses NASA technology, where its device produces "hydroperoxide catalytic molecules" to sanitize touch screens.

Whether you like your light radiation or your catalytic molecules one thing is for sure, the future seems clean and bright for smartphone users!

Written By:

Richard Yarmosh

Richard is the Managing Director of Savvy Apps. His role is to keep both customers—and just as importantly—the Savvy Apps team thrilled and excited about their work.