Today Weather 2.0 Brings the Elements to Life

Rob Soulé

Last updated Jul 23, 2019

I used Today Weather almost every day before I joined Savvy Apps. Fast forward a few years and I'm releasing the newest version of one of my all-time favorite apps as Savvy's Creative Director. I'm psyched to bring a richer visual experience and a simplified user flow to Today Weather 2.0. Our motivation with the updated version was to make sure our users get the information they want in a way that delights them.

The main change you'll see is Today Weather's updated design. We wanted the overall visual design to feel vibrant, alive, and more modern while keeping the core user experience. Using Today Weather's existing light and dark themes, we added depth, highlights, and translucency to bring to the app the warm glow of the sun and the brilliance of the moon against a dark night sky.

Right now the trend is all about flat design. We tried to balance that with some of the stuff we enjoyed about the visual styles in the older Today Weather. The icons are rich and exciting to look at and they provide useful information at a glimpse. They clearly distinguish between similar weather conditions (e.g., rainy, stormy, cloudy) unlike some of the popular line iconography in other weather apps. With this new design we meant to do justice to the life and energy of weather, nature, and the elements while preserving the utility of the app.

It's now quicker and easier to add, sort, and remove locations in Today Weather. We tackled a pet peeve of mine and simplified the flow to make it feel more natural by deleting some screens and actions once needed to sort and change locations within the app. Today Weather still provides the popular swipe and pinch gestures of the previous version. It features the same weekly breakdown and visualization of highs and lows that got it added to my top apps list long ago.

There's some under the hood changes as well. Today Weather is now dynamically sized to work on any size device. iPad users will also notice the previous dashboard view has been replace with a drawer to make it simpler to switch locations. We also took the opportunity to make a few icons clearer and more tappable.

Check it out on the App Store.

Written By:

Rob Soulé

Rob is Savvy's Creative Director. He loves all things design while trying to not take himself too seriously. When not designing, he can be found banging on some drums or enjoying time with his kids.