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The Best Free Sketch iOS App Icon Template

While there are a number of iOS app icon templates for Photoshop on the web, including our own, I've yet to find a version for Sketch that completely meets my needs. Since I primarily work with Sketch at this point, I created a Sketch iOS app icon template for myself that we’re now ready to share with other Sketch designers. It takes advantage of Sketch's vectorized model and mobile-friendly tools to set it apart from Photoshop-based templates. This template also goes above other Sketch templates by providing time-saving Shared Styles as well as all the sizes you need for your app.

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An iOS 7 App Icon Template for Obsessive Designers

Recently I was testing an app we're building that didn't have an app icon yet. I noticed that iOS 7 provided a new placeholder image. That placeholder just so happens to be a pixel perfect version of the new iOS 7 grid, finely tuned at every size. It wasn't until I saw this grid to scale—directly from Apple—on all my devices that I decided to create a template of my own that appealed to my obsessive nature.

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