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11 Considerations to Update Your App for iOS 11

Another WWDC keynote has come and gone. 2017 saw Apple focus on six particular areas, including announcements for the Apple TV, Apple Watch, Mac, iPad, the new HomePod, and of course, iOS 11. All of these impact the work we do at Savvy Apps, but the most significant of all is iOS 11.

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Why Industry Expertise and Digital Agencies Are Ruining Your App

We often address questions that focus on our experience in certain industries or with specific kinds of organizations. Although we have worked with companies large and small, commercial and non-profit, technology-driven and technology-challenged, we regularly emphasize that focusing on industry knowledge is not a good lens for selecting a partner.

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Apple’s Not Doomed When it Comes to AI

This year's Google I/O was all about AI and it’s computing power. Google showcased its 17-year focus in organizing the world’s information via the Google Assistant—previously Google Now—in products like Google Home and Allo. Its machine-learning demos were impressive and its custom chip focused on machine learning in AI servers probably didn’t generate the wow factor it deserved.

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Top 10 Mobile App Development Firms

When it comes down to choosing the right app agency to turn to, we know what we're talking about. Savvy Apps has been in the industry since 2009, just around when apps could start being built. During that time we've had the privilege of watching other app agencies grow into their own along with us.

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What Good is a Gold Smartwatch?

Our favorite tech philosopher, Benedict Evans, answers this week’s time-old question, Why is Apple making a gold watch? Namely, why bother selling a $10,000 gold smartwatch that features the same inner workings as the cheaper models and appeals to a very small, niche market?

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The Evolution of Supply and Demand on the App Store

Our new favorite podcast, Inquisitive’s Behind the App, looks at the history of app prices as well as the cut Apple takes from developers who publish in the App Store. The quote is from this week’s episode. David Smith, a prominent independent iOS Developer—and one of our friends who is based just down the road from us—says the opportunity to reach customers through the App Store is well worth the 30 percent price iOS developers pay for admission.

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