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Jeremy Olson Talks About Success in the Evolving App Store

In the second episode of The Savvy Apps Podcast, Ken chats with well-known app creator and Apple Design Award winner Jeremy Olson. They discuss the differences in app design, business models, market, and user expectations from the early days of the App Store to today. Now that Jeremy is at Coda, they also discuss what it's like to transition from being an indie developer to building apps within a startup.

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Founder Interview: It's a Business, Not an App with Alex Villanueva of Sprynt

Alex Villanueva, the founder and CEO of Sprynt, recently gave us an insider's look at his brand new, on-demand, ride-sharing business Savvy Apps helped launch. A few members of Savvy's team toured downtown Arlington, Va. in the unique, fully-electric Sprynt vehicles. Not only did we get to hear Alex talk about going from concept to reality, we got to see the Sprynt app and branding we created in action. Sprynt is a great example of why we continually tell entrepreneurs they're building a business and not just an app.

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