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The Savvy App Store Submission Checklist

We've been pushing new and updated apps to app stores for seven years now. Over time, Savvy Apps continues to evolve our approach to ensure every app is released as flawlessly as possible. Still, apps have gotten much more complex over time with many more items to check. Whether it's something more basic like testing an app without network connections or a more advanced concern like avoiding a TestFlight rejection due to a missing privacy policy link, there's much to go over and remember each time. 

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Using TestFlight to Distribute Multiple Versions of an iOS App

Development doesn't stop once a v1.0 app is live. Your newly launched app will need to have regular app updates to thrive. Whether it’s a new feature or a bug fix, it will be important to continue to develop and test these updates prior to shipping them to app stores. This can be challenging, however, as you need to develop these updates and distribute them to testers without interrupting the experience of users who are interacting with the live app.

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User Testing with Lookback

Lookback is a pretty innovative way to do user testing in an app. We haven’t tried it ourselves yet but we’re excited to see how it works.

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