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Founder Interview: It's a Business, Not an App with Alex Villanueva of Sprynt

Alex Villanueva, the founder and CEO of Sprynt, recently gave us an insider's look at his brand new, on-demand, ride-sharing business Savvy Apps helped launch. A few members of Savvy's team toured downtown Arlington, Va. in the unique, fully-electric Sprynt vehicles. Not only did we get to hear Alex talk about going from concept to reality, we got to see the Sprynt app and branding we created in action. Sprynt is a great example of why we continually tell entrepreneurs they're building a business and not just an app.

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7 Questions Startups Need to Answer Before Building an App

In the seven years Savvy Apps has been crafting award-winning apps, we’ve worked extensively with startups and early-stage ventures. Whether it was an entrepreneur who bootstrapped or a venture that raised a Series A investment, these kinds of customers typically have the same questions. We’ve taken the time to answer many of those questions, including how much an app costs, how long it takes to build an app, and being aware of the common reasons startups fail. Learn key insights into app creation as well as mistakes to avoid with this definitive guide to the top considerations for startups looking to build an app.

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5 Reasons to Not Search for a CTO or Technical Co-founder

One of the common questions we hear from startups is if they'll be at a disadvantage without having a technical co-founder at their outset. Sometimes this concern truly does surround the lack of their technical knowledge. Other times, it's more about not having in-house experience in either technology or in starting a new venture.

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10 Steps to Raise Money for Your Mobile App Startup

While indie developers are still thriving in app stores today, there's a growing number of teams or companies that are funded because they raised capital. From Sunrise to Yo, getting funding helps companies build features for their apps faster, have more budget for marketing, and generally provides a longer runway for them to test ideas and find their product to market fit. In the last couple of years we have successfully helped a number of our customers raise outside funding for their apps. Although savvy apps has never taken funding itself, I wanted to take the time to share what's worked for our customers, for those considering the fundraising path.

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