The Economy v. COVID-19: Building High-Performance Web Apps | Savvy Apps

The Economy vs. COVID-19

An Insider’s Guide to Building High-Performance Web Apps Quickly

  • webinar
  • On-Demand
  • Recorded 5/07/20

See the Economy vs. COVID here.

In light of the current worldwide crisis, digital products and services are evolving at a much faster pace than ever before.

With this in mind, Savvy set out to validate our processes by building a data-driven web app in Vue.js that could stand up against the countless other tools that have recently surfaced. Join us for a roundtable discussion where our team will provide product, UX and development perspectives on our process, as well as discuss why we took on this challenge.

Questions we’ll address in this discussion:

  • What are some of the difficulties new products face when entering a saturated market?
  • Why did we take on this challenge?
  • How did our process help us iterate quickly from concept through launch?
  • What were some of the key hurdles and how did we overcome them?
  • How has Vue.js helped us pivot quickly with a data-driven digital product?
  • Why should agencies give their own work more time and attention?

Ken Yarmosh

CEO, Savvy

Ken Yarmosh is the CEO of Savvy, a digital design and development agency focusing on Android, iOS, and web. He's the brains behind 20+ featured apps across verticals like retail & fashion and an O'Reilly author.

Rachel Rife

Product Manager at Savvy

Rachel Rife is a Product Manager at Savvy with a technology consulting background and hands-on knowledge in every step of the product development process, from requirements gathering and backlog management, to QA, user testing, release planning and more.

Megan Balaguer

UX Designer at Savvy

Megan Balaguer is a UX Designer at Savvy, helping to facilitate great user experiences in digital products for advance startups to companies in the Fortune 500.

Hector Romero

Developer at Savvy

Hector Romero is a Developer at Savvy who loves new challenges, learning new things and helping to develop high quality software.