Enterprise Web Apps: A Point of Vue | A Webinar by Savvy | Savvy Apps

Enterprise Web Apps: A Point of Vue

  • webinar
  • On-Demand
  • Recorded 4/23/20

Today, digital products and services are being stretched, shifted, and redeployed in ways we have never seen.

Vue.js provides a powerful, flexible, and future-proof framework for forward-facing digital problem solving. Come join our roundtable webinar discussion and hear how Vue.js can help you keep perspective, no matter the scope of your next challenge.

Questions to be addressed:

  • Why does defining the framework of your digital product matter?
  • How is Vue.js different than React or Angular?
  • What does Vue.js offer enterprises in terms of flexibility?
  • How does Vue.js empower teams to be more effective together?
  • What are lessons learned for using Vue in large-scale applications?
  • How complex is it to convert an existing web app to Vue.js?
  • Are there situations where Vue.js does not work well?
  • How does the Vue community compare to other ecosystems?
  • What can you do to future-proof as we return to “normal business"?

Chris Jaynes

Developer at Savvy

Chris is a professional full-stack software developer with over 18 years of experience. He specializes in building web apps and back-end services. He also enjoys creating games, interactive learning experiences, and other educational content.

Krystal Campioni

Senior Front-End Developer at Shopify

Krystal is a front-end developer with more than 10 years of experience working with web and mobile applications. She is an expert in motion design and accessibility.

Ben Hong

DX Engineer at Cypress.io

With a non-traditional background in I/O Psychology, Ben is a software developer who loves building products that are a joy for users to interact with. He has worked across a variety of projects, including NASA Earthdata, Medicare.gov, and POLITICO.