How to be Nimble in Retail with Digital | A Webinar by Savvy | Savvy Apps

How to be Nimble in Retail with Digital

  • webinar
  • On-Demand
  • Recorded 4/9/20

From unprecedented demand in grocery to brick-and-mortar store closings, the retail industry is facing a rapidly evolving customer landscape.

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Only nimble thinking can ensure a competitive edge during these periods of uncertainty. Come join our roundtable webinar discussion and hear firsthand from thought leaders, practitioners, and industry experts in digital that will help you be ahead of the curve while we work together to flatten it.

Questions addressed in this webinar:

  • What are the most significant challenges retail is facing during the COVID-19 crisis?
  • What are the potential outcomes after it subsides and eventually ends?
  • How can speed and rapid changes in focus help retailers maintain a competitive edge?
  • What are the consequences of not responding to changes fast enough?
  • What role does customer analytics provide in ensuring nimbleness?
  • How can you best leverage data for your team? How do you avoid information overload?

Steve Dennis

Author of Remarkable Retail

Steve Dennis is a consultant, keynote speaker and author focused on retail growth and innovation. He has been named a top global retail influencer by multiple organizations and his thoughts on the future of shopping are regularly shared in his role as a Forbes Senior Contributor.

Lane Hart

Customer Success at Heap

Lane Hart is a Customer Success Team Lead at Heap, helping organizations discover and act upon insights about their users. Prior to Heap, Lane was an analytics consultant for top retailers and brands.

Ken Yarmosh

CEO, Savvy

Ken Yarmosh is the CEO of Savvy, a digital design and development agency focusing on Android, iOS, and web. He's the brains behind 20+ featured apps across verticals like retail & fashion and an O'Reilly author.

Janet Kim

Product Lead at Misfits Market

Janet Kim is Lead Product Manager for Misfits Market out of New York City, helping to bring fresh and affordable misfit produce to people everywhere, reducing food waste at scale and assisting small to medium-sized organic farms find direct channels to consumers.