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The Savvy Difference

Best in the Business

We've been crafting innovative, award-winning apps for organizations like the NFL Player's Association and PBS since 2009.

Between the apps we've built, industry talks, blog, media appearances, best-selling book, and other resources, we’ve helped thousands of people ship successful apps since the dawn of the app stores.

From product strategy to design, development, and even app marketing, Savvy is a trusted partner for names like No Kid Hungry, Foreign Policy Magazine, SHRM, Navient, Cato Institute, Homesnap, The Motley Fool, and many more.

How We Work

Our Process

At Savvy, we’re all involved. From the start of a new app to launch, each of our core disciplines have eyes on the product. We work closely together and iterate quickly, making sure the right hand knows what the left is doing. The result is a polished, world-class app experience.

  • Discover

    Brainstorming, ideating, researching, and prioritizing.

  • Create

    Planning, architecting, designing, and developing.

  • Iterate

    Listening, assessing, learning, and optimizing.

  • Promote

    Launching, marketing, acquiring, and distributing.

How We Can Help

Increase Engagement / KPIs

Apps that increase brand awareness, content consumption, or other key performance indicators.

Established organizations often have content, inventory, or comparable assets that need distribution. Typically they exist in content management systems, ecommerce websites, data warehouses, CRMs, and similar places. Those outlets can work well for those on desktop computers but don't offer the highest engagement opportunity through apps themselves. Savvy works to ensure your brand is always top of mind and to better leverage your existing systems.

Technology Disruption

Apps that focus on technology disruption, scalable systems, or need extensive definition.

Building the next Uber or a product that will revolutionize your existing business doesn't happen by accident. These kinds of systems require a detailed understanding of the marketplace, establishing a memorable brand, and advanced design and development. Savvy's entrepreneurial DNA from both its own beginnings as well as working with countless founders and innovators will ensure your new startup or product stands out from the crowd while also being ready for traction.

Business Process Improvement

Apps that provide utility, support internal teams, or make processes more efficient.

Whether by making a task more efficient, streamlining communications, or improving business processes, apps can have significant impacts in app stores and inside organizations. Although the audiences are different, both consumer and enterprise apps offer the ability to increase productivity while on the go or leverage technologies not available on computers. Savvy works to understand friction points while unlocking the power of Apple and Google platforms.

Why Savvy

Senior-Only, Onshore Talent

Sorry, Kids.

We don't recruit out of colleges or universities and instead hire only experienced team members that are experts in their respective discipline. That means you won't be paying for people to learn on the job. Additionally, we do not outsource or offshore...ever. You can rest assured that you'll be hiring the most seasoned team in the industry.

Unparalleled Transparency

All the Things.

To ensure we operate as a single, cohesive team, you'll get access to our entire suite of tools. What we see, you see. Each idea, code commit, or design concept is put into a shared space. You don't just get an email that shows what we did when we're done. Instead, we work closely with you throughout our process. The result is that you'll only ever be surprised in a good way.

Full IP Access on Day One

The Keys to Fort Knox.

We do better than assigning intellectual property rights, we give you real-time access to all your IP from day one. It's your idea, we're just bringing it to life. From the first day of working together, you'll be added to a repository that houses the source code, a folder with your design files, and comparable access. Most firms deliver intellectual property such as design files or source code upon the completion of your app.

Demonstrable Progress

Fast. Like Cheetah.

Within as little as 2-3 weeks, you'll begin getting a working version of your app to install on your device. There's nothing like watching your app come alive. Each week we deliver a build of your app with release notes on what's new, updated, fixed, or in progress. You can even shake your device to send us a comment, capture difficult-to-track bugs, or screenshot something that looks wrong.

No Long Term Contract

Ball and Chain Not Required.

We're always incentivized to complete work on time and exceed your expectations because there's no contract lock-in. Instead of the traditional high deposits required by outside firms before they'll start any work, we bill iteratively as progress is shown. You'll get the benefits of a fixed project estimate with the flexibility of an hourly rate.