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As consumers, people choose products and services not only because of how they look, but also how they function, and how they make them feel. These three components make up your brand. Almost every product decision is defined by your brand.

There's often a misconception that branding is simply a logo and color scheme. While those things are important, branding goes far deeper. Your app's brand blends history, vision, language, tone, design, and intent into stories that compel users into action. To create a compelling brand you need to understand that you are not simply making an app, you are offering something far more valuable; an experience.

We get at the essence of your brand by asking a lot of questions. What are your core values? Who are your users and what are their goals? How do you define success? These and many more questions are designed to uncover your app's value and uniqueness, which in turn, become the catalyst for our design exploration.

Next we begin working on turning those brand concepts into something tangible. We bring together all of our research, exploration, and understanding of your brand into a few concrete, visual directions. These are called style boards. They include things like typography, color, illustrations, photography, shape, voice, tone, and your core product concepts. The style boards serve as the launch pad for our interface design process.

Branding doesn't just ever go away. We believe that every inch of your product should reflect your brand, and we carry that mentality throughout the lifecycle of your product. Our designers work closely with other team members to quickly iterate on key areas of the experience, making sure they meet the standards and expectations of your brand.

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