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Concept Testing

Concept testing helps us create a feature set for your app that meets your users' expectations and drives your overall product and business goals. Our process helps determine whether your app creates real value for users.

In order to build the right minimum viable product (MVP), you need to validate your app's concept as early as possible. Our approach to concept testing is to make sure the features in your app meet the needs of your target users. Our concept testing strategy validates your product in three different ways: first impressions, navigation expectations, and overall satisfaction. We employ one or all stages of our concept testing strategy based on your app's specific objectives and needs.

We start with impression testing to analyze your users' first impressions. In this stage, we ask users to jot down the tasks they would like to accomplish while using your app. We then show them a concept sketch of your app for several seconds and ask them what they remember, what stood out, and whether they think they could accomplish the tasks they identified earlier. Impression testing helps us determine what users are retaining in those first few seconds of using the app, and if our calls to action are clear.

The next stage, navigation expectations, drives at how your users move about and interact with your app. We test your product's navigation by asking users to describe what they expect to happen when they tap on each button on the screen. Then we ask your users how they would navigate and interact with your app to complete their tasks.

Lastly, overall satisfaction gauges what users think and feel about your product. In this stage, we display a list of 150 positive and negative adjectives and ask your users to pick a few that best represent their personal feelings about your app. We then compare the chosen words to what we wanted to evoke.

This comprehensive approach to concept testing tells us whether we are on the right track in mapping out your app's features. With this information, we either move forward with promising feedback or revisit your core features and test again.

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