Technology is a means to an end, not the end itself. Being an expert in a variety of development stacks means we don't push a particular one. 

We have been using the right tools for app development since the dawn of the app stores. Our team worked with iOS back when it was called iPhone OS, and built apps for the original Android Nexus device. Before that many of us worked through the glory days of the web. Because of our extensive experience, we have a proven, comprehensive approach to building apps across platforms.

Whether for Android, iOS, and the web or newer technologies like AR, VR, and voice, Savvy builds robust, performant, secure, and scaleable services. We have built complex apps that have the ability to interpret traumatic brain injury, communicate with smart IoT appliances, or integrate deeply into complex inventory systems for Fortune 500 brands. They are also as diverse as interactive children's stories, fun social games, or on-demand services.

Every app is only as good as its backend. We are fluent in offerings from Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Salesforce, as well as integrating with providers ranging from Facebook, Foursquare, and Twitter. Our tutorials and open-source frameworks for building app-centric backends and services are considered industry-standards. We believe speed is a key feature. By keeping your app fast, your users will really focus on what your app is about.

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iOS Development

Native iOS app development is about embracing frameworks and patterns from Apple. We work with all iOS APIs and know the Human Interface Guidelines backwards and forwards.

Android Development

The best Android apps are native and influenced by the Material Design guidelines. As a Google Developer Agency, we know all the intricate details of the Android platform. 

Web Development

Building a web app is completely different than building a website. We understand the unique use cases, special design considerations, and development challenges, to create a world-class web application.

Vue.js Development

A progressive JavaScript framework, Vue.js, is a compelling option for web app development. As one of the first adopters and a proven industry leader, we specialize in leveraging all Vue.js has to offer for your app.

Backend Development

Savvy builds secure and fast backends specifically for apps. We build our backends on robust technology from Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Salesforce.

Firebase Development

Google's Firebase platform is a powerful tool available to app creators today. As a proven Google Developer Agency and part of the Firebase Alpha Program, we specialize in leveraging all Firebase has to offer for your app.

Quality Assurance / App Testing

Quality assurance is essential for ensuring flawless app releases. Our comprehensive approach leans on each designer, developer, and product manager's expertise to put all facets of your app to the test.


Our proactive approach to diagnostics ensures that your app's potential problems are recorded, prioritized, and solved immediately. We take pride in our apps being above 99% crash free and continue to monitor their performance long after our work is done.

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