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Interface Design

Your interface design is the avenue through which you will build an emotional connection and relationship with your users. We work hard and take pride in crafting beautiful and functional designs unique to your users and your brand.

When we first start working with you on your interface design, we walk with you through a series of steps designed to craft a beautiful, functional, and meaningful interface specifically for your app. We begin by understanding your app's brand, its goals, preferences, and voice. At the same time, we integrate our user experience process, identifying what makes your users unique, and how to best meet their needs. These two critical steps establish a foundation and keep your users first and foremost in our minds as we start building your well-designed and polished interface.

Your app begins to come alive in the next few steps. We add delight through color, iconography, and illustration during the visual design process, all while using the brand and style exploration from before to inform our design decisions. We pour over every screen, making sure we are intentional about placing each element and seamlessly guiding your users through a delightful app experience.

When we're done, you will have a tappable or clickable prototype of your app. Not only will you hold the very first version of your app in your hands, you'll have a fully functional app to share with stakeholders and use in pitches for additional funding.

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