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Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is essential for ensuring flawless app releases. Our comprehensive approach leans on each designer, developer, and product manager's expertise to put all facets of your app to the test.

We believe the best quality assurance starts from ideation and continues into design, development, and launch. That is why we imbue every step of our process with a quality assurance (QA) mindset to make sure we identify and capture any potential missteps along the way. For example, we write our tickets with the developer and QA tester in mind so both parties know what to expect and to alleviate any room for interpretation on the acceptance criteria. QA plays a larger role in the ticketing process by helping to anticipate possible scenarios and variations of a feature flow.

As we get nearer to your app's launch, we ensure your main features function properly. We test all of your app's backend functionality, and ensure all tracking/analytics are set up and functional. Our designers conduct audits of your app to make sure everything flows correctly from a user experience and design perspective. We also conduct overall bug testing to ensure your app works across all features and on a range of devices and operating systems.

App flows in particular are critical to our QA approach. They are visual and written outlines that allow anyone, regardless of their familiarity with your app, to explore every feature and user experience your app has to offer. Not only do they list out the screens, actions, and features our testers need to examine, we use them to follow a user's journey throughout your app, highlighting potential issues along the way.

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