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Roadmapping is about organizing and prioritizing your ideas so you can release new features and app updates regularly on schedule. It opens the door to thinking bigger, iterating, and ultimately, creating a better product.

As a leader in the app product management space, Savvy has created and executed roadmaps since we started making apps in the late 2000s. Our knowledge and experience across disciplines gives us more insight in successfully leading you through roadmap exercises that accurately reflect the effort and challenges that go into the release of quality app updates.

With app roadmaps, Savvy works with you to lay out and define the upcoming features of your app, so we can assess their value, effort, and priority. We use roadmaps to analyze feature ideas, and if needed, pull apart and restructure a feature to something that makes more sense for the product as a whole. Our roadmaps also allow us to determine when your features should be released along with what we need to complete them.

We believe that the best roadmaps go beyond that, though. They give us more insight into the big picture, enabling us to hone in on what makes your app stay competitively differentiated. Roadmaps also account for any missed opportunities and eliminate anything that might stand in the way of getting your app to market. We use your roadmap to look at your product's long game. That is, we do not just focus on the short to medium term. We try to plan your roadmap to look at three months, six months, and even upwards of a year, revisiting and updating it at least once per month.

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