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Product Kickstart

Raising capital in today's environment is not easy. Our “product kickstart” is a proven model to help you go from idea to getting checks written for your new service.

In the last five years, the market has changed dramatically. Many investors now will put money into apps that have traction or for entrepreneurs who have had past successful ventures. These changes make business plans obsolete, with most investors wanting to see or use your app.

Our product kickstart does just that. It provides you with a way to tell the story of your service and lets investors experience your vision. All without spending six-figures of your own money to get to that point. We work on your branding, user experience, and interface design, to create an interactive prototype that you can install on you device or demo through a web browser.

The additional benefit of the product kickstart is that it shows investors that you have a deeper level of commitment. They prefer entrepreneurs who have “skin in the game” as well as ones who hustle. Savvy also preps you for typical investor questions, provides you with a Keynote template, and can even set up your initial landing page.

Some of the things we do
  • Design Systems
  • Iconography
  • Illustration
  • Interactive Prototyping
  • Visual Design
  • Animation/Motion Design
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