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User Testing

User testing should never be an afterthought. We make validating and evaluating your app a priority from the beginning, and build user testing into our timelines so we can iterate on what we learn.

The best user testing process starts with a clear objective. We hone in on the most important insights rather than trying to test everything at once. Not only do long tests wear out users and moderators alike, they often confuse your results and make them much less actionable. We also establish clear guidelines for every aspect of the user testing process, outlining the questions we intend to ask and preparing tasks that put your users' most important goals to the test. Everything from the testing environment to the way we word each question and direction is critical to getting useful results.

We employ a number of user testing strategies to evaluate how your users understand and enjoy your app. Based on our specific objectives, we choose between moderated and unmoderated sessions, quantitative and qualitative data collection, guerrilla or more formal context, among many other considerations. We may try several combinations of testing strategies to arrive at the information we need to improve your product.

Once the testing sessions are complete, we analyze the results and create an easy-to-digest report with your findings and recommendations. This report contains a list of action items so that we can start solving problems right away.

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