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Backend Development

Savvy builds secure and fast backends specifically for apps. We build our backends on robust technology from Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Salesforce.

Since the late 2000s, we have built apps of all shapes and sizes, including the backends that power them. We believe the best backends provide the right infrastructure, security, compatibility, speed, and scaling based on your app's specific needs. All of our backends define resources in a modular, explorable, and extendible way in order to effectively create the best experience for your app's users.

Even though your users may not realize it, backends are tremendously important because they touch every part of the user interface. Whether it is logging in, posting or pulling back data, making a purchase, or any comparable actions, your app will constantly send information back and forth to a cloud-based server.

Savvy exclusively works with cloud providers, whether as a backend as a service (BaaS) like Firebase and Parse, platform as a service (PaaS) like Heroku from Salesforce, or infrastructure as a service (IaaS) like Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform. This approach ensures that that we don't spend unnecessary time building servers itself, and in many cases, takes advantage of common server-side setups, features, and code. A representative sample of the kinds of backends we've built include on-demand services, social networks, extensive ecommerce inventory systems, gaming platforms, and media libraries.

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