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Firebase Development

Google's Firebase platform is a powerful tool available to app creators today. As a proven Google Developer Agency and part of the Firebase Alpha Program, we specialize in leveraging all Firebase has to offer for your app.

We began using Firebase as one of our backends of choice for web and native apps before Firebase was even acquired by Google. Since joining Google, Firebase now provides the benefits of a backend as a service with the scalability of Google's infrastructure.

Savvy is an established leader in Firebase development. Google and the industry as a whole have recognized our Firebase work and educational resources. We have even been featured on Google's Firebase blog for our work with Sprynt. We can help you navigate Firebase whether to use Realtime Database, Cloud Firestore, or both in projects of your own.

To speed development, we use Firebase for features like real-time updates, user authentication, static hosting, and more. Whether we just need to implement a messaging component in an app or create an entire on-demand platform, we know the strengths and shortcomings of the system.

With recent changes, almost any app that wants to use analytics from Google has to integrate Firebase. Our years of experience using the “Grow” part of Firebase will ensure you properly implement Google Analytics, Cloud Messaging, Dynamic Links for attribution, or App Indexing. We also well-versed with the Crashlytics and Fabric toolset, as well as AdWords integration.

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