Native iOS app development is about embracing frameworks and patterns from Apple. We work with all iOS APIs and know the Human Interface Guidelines backwards and forwards.

Working with iOS back when it was iPhone OS, we know the platform—and the iOS community—extremely well. We write all apps in Swift using frameworks like UIKit, ARKit, SpriteKit, and SceneKit, depending on the kind of app we are building.

We're also fluent in the best libraries created by the larger iOS community. These include, but are not limited to, Alamofire for networking, SwiftyJSON for parsing data, Kingfisher for downloading and caching images, and CocoaPods for managing external libraries. We also have an extensive set of internal libraries we leverage for our customers to ensure we don't regularly repeat common, non-proprietary code.

Our team takes particular pride in ensuring our designs are properly brought to life. We use tools like Zeplin to translate visuals into pixel-perfect code. Our development team members often incorporate tasteful, fun animations that also dramatically add to the overall user experience of our apps.

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