Even the most Savvy products struggle without a well-planned marketing strategy. The best way to succeed is to start long before launch, and never stop.

Savvy Apps begins shaping your app's story even before we begin building it. This approach generates traction for your app and better positions you to attract interest on the eve of your launch. Plus, with over 20 featured apps, our relationships with major app store contacts and influential app sites will make it easy for the press to write about you.

We specialize in a variety of marketing tactics, including landing page best practices, app store optimization, referral marketing, and paid media. Analytics and attribution drive every one of our ideas and campaigns. This attention to detail and comprehensive approach ensures that you're actually reaching your users and connecting with them in meaningful ways. 

Most importantly, we help you establish the presence and strategy you need to build that initial traction and continue promoting your app long into its happy, healthy future.

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App Store Optimization

With millions of apps available to users just in the App Store, it's important now more than ever to make your app stand out above the rest. We craft app store listings that not only increase your app's discoverability, but make users want to download it.


There are countless ways to effectively reach your users, but which ones work for your app? We use attribution and reporting to inform all of our user acquisition strategies, identify the right channels, and scale winning tactics to convert your new app users.

Attribution & Deep Linking

What if there was a way to know exactly how your users arrive at your app? Better yet, what if you could give each user a customized onboarding experience within your app that caters to their unique needs? 


We believe in using data to drive decisions rather than being blinded by opinion. That is why we rely on metrics to scale your app and measure its success.

Push Notifications

There's a fine line to walk with your app's push notifications. They can be a powerful way to re-engage users with your app. Or they can irritate and push them away.

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