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There are countless ways to effectively reach your users, but which ones work for your app? We use attribution and reporting to inform all of our user acquisition strategies, identify the right channels, and scale winning tactics to convert your new app users.

Savvy leverages a proven, multi-channel approach, starting with the app stores themselves. Our extensive experience spans back to the dawn of digital marketing. Since then we have run successful multi-million dollar paid media campaigns, launched highly converting landing pages, and developed strategic push notification strategies to engage users. We combine that know-how with the tools needed to measure what matters to build an acquisition strategy specifically tailored for you.

We believe the best acquisition strategies start with defining what growth means for your app based on your business goals. Our marketing team analyzes your needs and helps you identify what is most important for your app and your users. We then work with you to create your acquisition plan based on the amount of resources and time you can spend on testing channels, your cost per acquisition (CPA) goals, and any other challenges unique to your app.

We also help you navigate the seemingly endless potential of countless acquisition channels. These channels, your landing page, app store listing, push notifications, paid ads, social media networks, and more, interact with your users in different ways and come with their own challenges. Our thoughtful user acquisition strategies master these channels by setting clear goals for each, trying a variety of tactics to attract and convert users, and closely measuring progress. We use this information to continue to optimize tactics and calls to action until you see results.

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