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Competitive Analysis

Understanding your app's uncontested market space is key to making your competition irrelevant. We take your concept apart and put it back together again, ensuring your app stands out in the app stores.

Savvy draws from numerous well-known methodologies, including Blue Ocean Strategy and Customer Development, to augment our own extensive app experience. We don't just review the competitive landscape. We assess alternatives to your app and speak directly with existing or prospective users. This approach lets us find gaps in the market, eliminate costly features, and more generally hone value propositions.

Deliverables for competitive analysis often include a strategy canvas, user legends, raw results from questionnaires and surveys, and comparable items. Instead of a long document that you'll likely never read, we provide all of this information in an executive deck, which we first review before we put it in your hands.

While you can engage Savvy Apps for strategy alone, you will see more powerful results when combined with our design services. Our product team works closely with our designers to show multiple concepts for recommend strategies in both user experience and interface design.

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