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Sprint Planning

Our process is fine-tuned to give you accurate visibility of your app's development progress. Within 2-3 weeks you'll receive the first of many weekly releases of your app so you can interact with and provide feedback throughout its creation.

While our product and design team members guide you through your app's kickstart, our product managers sit down with our lead architects to think through your app's technical needs. Our architects research and plan out what technology they will require, identify any special backend considerations, and any challenges that might arise during the development of your app. We focus on the most technically difficult things first, allowing us plenty of time to have more educated product conversations and reevaluate approaches if needed.

By the time your app is ready to transition from design to development, we have created all of your app's development tasks called “tickets.” These tickets account for all of the smaller tasks that combine to build your app's key features. We create separate, smaller tickets for anything requiring more than eight hours of work, enabling us to be highly accurate in planning how long it will take to complete your app. We keep you informed of all progress with weekly status meetings. Within a few weeks of the development process, we start providing you with weekly builds so you can see your app's key features come to life and give us critical feedback.

While your app and project will get a dedicated product lead, your app is built by a team and reviewed by others regularly. Each week our internal product meetings allow us to work through any challenges together and draw off each other's experience. This means that your app benefits from all of the knowledge held by the entire Savvy team, and that many experts are assessing and guiding your app's progress.

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