Product strategy represents the intersection of design, development, and marketing. It directs a beautiful symphony of expert disciplines to create world-class apps.

Savvy Apps lead the way in defining what product management means for apps starting with our best-selling book App Savvy, released way back in 2010 at #1 on for the mobile category. College classrooms and boardrooms alike have adopted our strategic approach, helping thousands of people launch successful apps.

Product leadership is what separates a mediocre app from a great app. It helps position an app right in the market through user research and competitive analysis. Product managers possess a clarity of focus and fight for your users while also representing the perspectives of designers and developers. They delicately balance all of those views while triaging ticket backlogs and roadmaps to ensure we meet timelines and budgets.

Your dedicated product manager keeps your project on track each day and communicates frequently with you through our industry-leading toolset. Beyond that, all product managers at Savvy meet on a weekly basis to collectively discuss the status of projects. This approach ensures Savvy leverages the collective product brain to keep our customers thrilled and projects running super smooth.

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Competitive Analysis

Understanding your app's uncontested market space is key to making your competition irrelevant. We take your concept apart and put it back together again, ensuring your app stands out in the app stores.

Investor Kickstart

Raising capital in today's environment is not easy. Our “investor kickstart” is  a proven model to help you go from idea to getting checks written for your new service. 

User Research

Your app is only as good as it is in the hands of your users. That is why we investigate your users' needs and motivations before we start building your app, to make sure we build a product that resonates with your users.

Concept Testing

Concept testing helps us create a feature set for your app that meets your users' expectations and drives your overall product and business goals. Our process helps determine whether your app creates real value for users.

Sprint Planning

Our process is fine-tuned to give you accurate visibility of your app's development progress. Within 2-3 weeks you'll receive the first of many weekly releases of your app so you can interact with and provide feedback throughout its creation.


Roadmapping is about organizing and prioritizing your ideas so you can release new features and app updates regularly on schedule. It opens the door to thinking bigger, iterating, and ultimately, creating a better product.

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