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Our proactive approach to diagnostics ensures that your app's potential problems are recorded, prioritized, and solved immediately. We take pride in our apps being above 99% crash free and continue to monitor their performance long after our work is done.

We take your app's performance seriously. In the rare event that a significant crash or performance issue occurs, we use powerful tools like New Relic and Crashlytics to receive urgent alerts so we can investigate and solve the issue. We also create custom alerts that notify us based on the things that are most important to your app's performance. All of these notifications happen immediately, ensuring that we are aware of the issue and race to solve it as soon as possible.

In addition to crash and performance monitoring, we keep a close eye on other important app metrics like app installs and reviews. These analytics, and many more, give you critical feedback on whether your app is meeting your business goals. We even respond to user reviews, whether to thank them for positive feedback or to track down more information about bugs or performance issues.

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