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User Research

Your app is only as good as it is in the hands of your users. That is why we investigate your users' needs and motivations before we start building your app, to make sure we build a product that resonates with your users.

Extensive user research informs our entire design and development process. We believe that done right, user research zeros in on the real value your app will provide for users. It tells us what problems your app aims to solve, and how it will improve your users' lives on a day-to-day basis. User research guides us through the establishment of your app's features, and helps avoid costly missteps.

We work together with you to create user legends which go a level deeper than a typical user persona. User legends help us identify the intersections of your users' goals and your own business goals. In doing so, we identify challenges or roadblocks and design their solutions before they actually become problems.

One of the best ways to get at the heart of your users' expectations is to talk to them. We conduct user interviews and focus groups in the beginning of our discovery process to see how closely your app's vision aligns with your users. For startups that don't have an existing user base, we utilize your user legend to identify your ideal user and reach out to people who fit that mold for their feedback. We also conduct a competitive analysis to see what other products may be trying to solve the same problems as your app, and how your app can do better.

As we nail down a more concrete, tangible version of your app, we employ a number of strategies to further validate our progress and direction. Card sorting allows us to get insight into your user's mental models and establish the best hierarchy and structure for your app. Concept testing, another of our favorite user research tactics, gives us a critical look at whether your app provides what users want and need.

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