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Vue.js Development

A progressive JavaScript framework, Vue.js, is a compelling option for web app development. As one of the first adopters and a proven industry leader, we specialize in leveraging all Vue.js has to offer for your app.

Working with Vue.js since its beginning, we know the framework — and the Vue.js community — extremely well. We have used it to power complex web apps, whether by themselves or as complements to Android and iOS apps. The Vue.js team and the industry as a whole have recognized our Vue.js work and educational resources, including being featured in the official Vue.js newsletter.

Savvy uses the best tools for the job from both the Vue.js community and official packages/libraries created and maintained by the core Vue.js team. We work with vue-cli for quickly scaffolding Vue.js projects, Vuex for centralized state management, and Vue Router for navigation, transitions, scroll behavior, and comparable items.

Our team takes particular pride in ensuring our designs are properly brought to life. We use tools like Zeplin to translate visuals into pixel-perfect code. Our development team members often incorporate tasteful, fun animations that also dramatically add to the overall user experience of our web apps.

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