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Web Development

Building a web app is completely different than building a website. We understand the unique use cases, special design considerations, and development challenges, to create a world-class web application.

Savvy's expertise in designing and developing specifically for the web can help you grow your business or enhance your organization, whether by reaching new users or doing more for your existing users. We craft easy-to-use, scaleable, secure, and performant web apps that focus on the right use cases.

As experts across platforms like Android and iOS, we know that your users will not have the same context and goals while using the web app as on mobile. We conduct user research to identify your users' unique needs. When there's an existing native app, we decide which of your existing features should be translated to the web and how. We also craft a single, consistent, and fluid experience for your users who interact with your brand across platforms.

We convert designs into beautiful HTML and CSS, then write our web apps in JavaScript, using libraries like Vue.js, which connect to fast, scaleable backends. We also take advantage of third-party tools and frameworks ranging from webpack, Babel, BrowserStack, New Relic, and Rollbar to speed development, ensure cross-browser compatibility, and provide us a robust diagnostics and reporting toolset.

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