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Retail Innovation

Enabled digital transformation for customers and internal staff to drive new revenue, cut costs, increase efficiency, and be more nimble in retail. Made various legacy, expensive in-house systems obsolete and ready for end-of-life.

  • 11 Million

    Monthly Visits

  • 5 Year

    Program Funded

  • 4 New Projects

    Across Organization

  • Efficiency Gained

    Weeks Removed From Production

Case Study

As featured on "The World According to Jeff Goldblum"
Future Finish
Levi's CEO on innovation, strategies to reach the next generation of consumers


Membership Overhaul

Strategy for sunsetting outdated apps. Provided a new foundation for growth and future self-serve digital initiatives for the largest boating organziation in the U.S.

  • 4.7 Star Rating

    20k+ App Store Reviews

  • 4.8 Star Rating

    2k+ Google Play Reviews

  • #30 in Weather

    U.S. App Store

  • Internal Team

    Vetted In-house Team

App Store
Google Play
Video: We're with you on the water.


Staff Acceleration

Subject matter expertise to accelerate development initiatives. Worked with internal team members to deliver iOS capabilities to third-party vendors faster.

  • No Ramp Period

    Immediate Contributions

  • Tools Integration

    JIRA, GitHub, Slack, etc.

  • Daily Standups

    Cohesive Team Feel

  • Executive Recognition

    Commended Output


News & Alerts

Provided more immersive means to engage with members and non-members. Breaking news on key topics and critical alerts. Expanded role due to success on past projects.

  • 4.9 Star Rating

    2k+ App Store Reviews

  • 4.8 Star Rating

    100+ Google Play Reviews

  • Design Driven

    UX, UI, & Content

  • API Guidance

    Specced Endpoints

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Google Play
App Store (Certification)
Google Play (Certification)

The Draft Network

Modernizing Media

Overhauled brand and growth strategy. Built custom media site with new interactive feature ahead of aggressive deadline. Separate, dedicated experiences for editorial team versus end-users. Set foundation for paywall feature.

  • 257% Increase

    Web Traffic

  • Brand Refreshed

    Elevated Professionalism

  • Three New Experiences

    Admin, Site, Interactive

  • 1,156 Keywords

    In Top 3 on Google

Case Study

Sports Illustrated uses Mock Draft Machine


Cutting-Edge Kickstart

Brought industry expertise to in-house team that had no native design and development experience. Facilitated workshops and collaborative sessions around product strategy, UX, and design. Pair programming and co-development of select components.

  • #1 iPad App

    Entire U.S. App Store

  • Webby Award

    Mobile Sites & Apps

Webby Award


Digital Transformation

Converted the NFLPA's offline and legacy processes to an application suite of messaging, scheduling, news alerts, and more. Cut costs significantly and paved the way for future digital initiatives.

  • Designed for Size

    Big Hands, Big Buttons

  • Native Calendar

    Integrated Locally

  • Breaking News

    For Key Information

  • SSO

    Authentication Maintained

Review on G2

No Kid Hungry

User-Driven Design

High-visibility Android application for national campaign focused on healthy eating in undeserved populations with limited budgets. Wrote migration script for content to be served via multiple languages and localizations through a robust cloud backend.

  • 4.5 Star Rating

    100+ Google Play Reviews

  • Multi-Year Funding

    Due to Program Success

  • Brand Refreshed

    App Influenced Program

  • Ongoing Relationship

    Across Digital Initiatives

Case Study

Google Play

Pocket Prep

Platform Reboot

Standalone applications for studying on the go rebooted and expanded. Transformed to be an integrated cloud-based system including web desktop interface for extended study sessions. Built authentication for access across iOS, Android, and web as well redesigned interface for 100+ applications.

  • 4.8 Star Rating

    100+ App Store Apps

  • 4.5 Star Rating

    100+ Google Play Apps

  • Multi-Year Partnership

    Due to ROI

  • Expanded Role

    To Web and Growth

Case Study

App Store
Google Play
Review on G2

The Motley Fool

Digital Engagement

Strategic partner for creating subscriber-based application. Eliminated need for standing up internal team for one-off project. Input overhauled approach to content on web itself. Worked closely with in-house team on building out API.

Case Study

Delivering When Others Couldn't

Redesigned large system that a well-known design firm couldn't grasp. Added responsive views and more modern practices and approaches. Rapid iteration through regular working sessions with key stakeholders. Delivered interactive prototype, source design files, and extensive style guide.

  • Enterprise Design System

    Due to Size of Application

  • Custom Icon Set

    Strengthened Brand

  • Additional Project

    Earned Confidence

  • Smooth Handoff

    Dev Team Had No Questions

The Cato Institute

Content Reach

Crafted a more branded podcast experience for deeper engagement. Supports six different shows with the ability to add more on the fly. App design drove changes in approach to the podcast artwork. Developed offline listening capabilities based on key use cases for the audience.

  • 4+ Star Rating

    App Store

  • App Branding

    To Work Across Shows

  • Offline Listening

    Key for Audience

  • Additional Projects

    Expanded to iPad

Case Study

Pushing Android Limits

Android application that helped interpret traumatic brain injury. Success of platform drove it from military to commercial use in sports and athletics. Rugged Android device with custom ROM. Read sensors and integrated with low-level code for interpretation of data.

  • Custom ROM

    Boot Directly to Application

  • Rugged Device

    For Use in Challenging Conditions

  • Close Collaboration

    With Engineers and Partners

  • Medical-Grade Design

    Tailored for Industry

AI Brain Device Reduces Need for CT Scans by Over 30 Percent
This Mobile Brain Scanner Promises to Assess Injuries Where CT Scans Can’t


Social Networking Evolved

Native application to more easily share music. Deep integration with third-party APIs including YouTube and Soundcloud. Growth strategy lead to features by press and Apple, new funding secured, and additional projects.

  • Surpassed Six-Month Goals

    In Days Based on Growth Strategy

  • Featured by SXSW

    Top Music-Tech Startup

  • New Investment Dollars

    Due to Success

  • Additional Projects

    Including v2.0

Case Study

Internet of Things

Redesigned brand and created prototype that secured investment for IoT-based lifestyle company. Helped with firmware development and e-commerce integration. Work lead to multiple iterations of bottle and application, as well as eventual investment by major beverage group.

Case Study

Dr. Pepper Grabs Stake in LifeFuels
Keurig Dr Pepper-backed firm launches smart nutrition bottle


On-Demand Platform

Built an on-demand platform akin to Uber and Doordash in a compressed timeline. Crafted brand used for vehicles, driver uniforms, and more.

  • Featured by Google

    On Firebase Blog

  • Driver + Passenger

    Two Apps, One Codebase

Case Study

The Firebase Blog: Sprynt launches eco-friendly, free ridesharing service

Signal Vine

Messaging at Scale

Significantly upgraded the UX, UI, and look and feel for a large enterprise messaging platform used by colleges and universities. Designs were so successful they updated their overall branding and marketing site using the web app styles.

New Money for Higher Ed Platform
AI And Higher Ed Pros Are Partners, Not Competitors