Retail App Development & Digital Transformation - Levi's | Savvy Apps

Industry Disruption


iOS (Enterprise) , Web

Levi's had the bold idea to change the way the world makes jeans. They refused to accept the conventional wisdom that it was impossible to design jeans digitally. With a firm belief that they needed to collaborate with a design-led agency to succeed, Levi's chose Savvy to help deliver on their vision. The industry-disrupting result redefines the future for designing, making, and selling jeans.

Key Roles
  • Product Strategy
  • User Experience
  • Visual Design
  • iOS Development
  • Cloud Native Development
  • Web Development

A Revolutionary Design Tool

For decades, Levi’s finished their jeans by hand. Savvy collaborated with them to create a platform that would digitize their process. The result helped transform Levi's business by drastically cutting production costs and time to market. Hailed a “revolutionary” success, Savvy established itself as a trusted partner for one of the world's leading retail and fashion brands.

With this new model, we can deliver the authentic and iconic products we're known for in an incredibly responsive and responsible way. The advanced imaging capability is a game-changer for us, and something that has eluded our industry for years." Liz O'Neill
VP and Chief Supply Chain Officer

Pushing Technical Limitations

One of the biggest challenges was meeting the designers' high standards. They needed a tool that would not only empower them to make lightning-fast design decisions but would make them feel like they were working on the real thing. We pushed technical constraints to build an experience that accurately represented final products in near-instant render.