Finance App Development - Motley Fool | Savvy Apps

User Engagement

Despite their best efforts, various member segments of The Motley Fool’s subscriber based remain unengaged with their industry-leading investment content. This lack of engagement prevented the Fool from helping those users to invest better. More importantly, it reduced the chance of those customers to renew their subscriptions.

Although a very technically-focused organization, the Fool did not have in-house talent with enough expertise to build the kind of quality app they know they wanted. Hiring employees to build the app would equally be risky without knowing the ROI. After an extensive vetting process, they selected Savvy as their partner based on our iterative approach, design style, and building comparable apps in the past.

Hand Crafted Details

All icons were hand drawn with an emphasis on line weight, balance, clarity, and readability. This ensures users are given clear and consistent way to navigate the app.

An Elegant Greeting

Many approach the login experience as an afterthought. Yet it’s one of the first elements a user experiences. We added delight to it through animation while also suggesting a way for non-users to experience the Fool’s content.

Designed For Multitasking

From the start we wanted to create an adaptive layout that would work on any screen size or device. We added Slide Over and Split View support while also having a more immersive iPad layout when on a larger device.