After three years of steady growth, Pocket Prep felt like they had hit a plateau. Various freelancers and agencies worked with them across their more than 70 live mobile learning apps with mixed success. They then turned to Savvy Apps for help with several recurring customer pain points.

Savvy began work with Pocket Prep by facilitating a number of brainstorming sessions, analyzing the existing code and data, and better understanding their customer base. The resulting insights helped guide the initial work, which was to create an entirely new onboarding flow, dashboard, and navigation structure for iOS.

"We’ve worked with a number of designers and developers but nothing compares to Savvy. They share our level of detail and treat the product as if it were their own."

-Peter Murphy, Co-Founder & CEO

A Dashboard Optimized for Test Takers

Pocket Prep's previous app buried one of the most compelling use cases for the app — its personalized user history and statistics. Based on user research, we created a detailed, data-driven dashboard and brought it to the forefront of the app experience. We simplified the delivery of the essential user-specific statistics with bright-colored graphs and numbers, emphasizing the user's improvement over time and breathing life into the design

More Useable at a Glance

We reimagined Pocket Prep's existing user experience and visual interface design, focusing on making the core screens more readable at a glance and navigation more intuitive.


Unique Yet United

Based on the number of apps Pocket Prep has, we created a new theme that would feel unique and yet united across all of their apps and platforms. We ended up designing five different themes based on a single line of code, allowing each app to be re-themed with minimal effort. 

Delight Through Animation

To help immediately convey what Pocket Prep is about to those unfamiliar with them, we designed an interactive onboarding experience. Instead of showing screenshots and interface elements of the app, we created custom illustrations to simply introduce the value propositions of Pocket Prep.

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