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Modernizing Media



The Draft Network (TDN) began as an angel-funded media company with a passion for college football. Readers loved their content and they quickly developed a loyal following. With a growing audience, they knew it was time to go pro.

After working for a large part of the year with other outside help, they decided to approach Savvy. Performing a sanity check of the work to date, the Savvy team had bad news to share: they were months behind their deadline.

Savvy swooped in to save the day. No, it wasn’t a Hail Mary. Because that’s what Savvy does. From overhauling the branding, building out a complete new site on a custom CMS, launching the web’s best Mock Draft Machine, and creating a viral growth strategy, Savvy’s full expertise was put to work. And oh yeah, we launched it ahead of the NFL Combine.

Key Roles
  • Branding
  • Product Strategy
  • Content Architecture
  • User Experience
  • Visual Design
  • Marketing Optimization
  • Backend Development
  • Web Development
  • Vue.js Development

Before and After

Don’t take our word for it. Use the slider below to see what The Draft Network looked like before and after Savvy’s involvement. Beyond the visuals, the entire site is powered by a completely custom, modern tech stack.

Numbers Don't Lie

So you like numbers? Feast your eyes on these KPIs and overall site performance after the re-launch.


Top 3 Keywords

2.8 Million



Increase in traffic

A Brand Transformed

To up their game from a brand standpoint, Savvy's creative team stepped in to overhaul TDN's branding. While staying true to their existing brand mark and users' equity, we aimed to add polish, trust, and a sense of loyalty.

Custom Built CMS

From the Mock Draft Machine to the website and editorial admin area, Savvy built TDN on a modern technology stack. Leveraging a CMS as a service allowed Savvy to create workflows specific to TDN and not be limited by off-the-shelf CMS platforms. The end result provided TDN its own media platform, including features where users could create their own big boards and mock drafts. These features became the foundation for The Draft Network’s paid subscription model, which launched the following season.