Although Savvy Apps is a full-service consulting firm focused on building apps for customers ranging from PBS to the NFL Player's Association, every once in a while we can't help but scratch our own itch. Today Weather was one such labor of love. 

We wanted a beautiful, gesture-driven weather app that made viewing multiple locations much simpler. There were many fun touches including animations for temperatures and changing backgrounds based on the time of day. Initially launched to significant fanfare back in 2012, we decided in 2015 to give it a major design overhaul with v2.0. The results were completely unexpected including multiple features from Apple, landing on the front page of Product Hunt, and an outpouring of community support.

"Today Weather is a slick replacement for your iPhone’s stock Weather app."

-Matt Brian, The Next Web

Before Its Time

Predating Apple and iOS 7's move to this paradigm in 2013, Today Weather showcased gesture-driven interaction in 2012. Cities and views were all swipeable with minimal chrome around the interface. Today Weather highlights depth, deference, and clarity, principles that Apple would later tout in iOS 7 itself. 

Moving to 2.0

It's always fun coming back to your own work. After three years on the market, we updated Today Weather to have a much more vibrant color scheme. The v2.0 app follows today's flatter design trends while still maintaining our completely custom drawn weather conditions. Our approach is a careful and deliberate balance of old and new school design thinking.

You made it this far so...